Connected Care

Create a connected healthcare ecosystem to drive your practice
efficiencies and improve patients care

Steps to Get Started

you have an account
Setup for your practice
the technical documentation linked here
a security key and certification
to access your practice information
your 3rd applications for


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Open APIs

The greatest barrier to effective virtual healthcare is closed, siloed technology. Our APIs are open, ensuring healthcare platforms can securely connect and share data wherever your organization needs it.

Leading standard & driving innovation

Built on the latest REST standards, our APIs send clinically coded SNOMED data that can be easily interpreted by other systems, enabling accurate patient records and powerful healthcare analytics.

Reduced costs and improved efficiencies

Digitise your communications to create a seamless experience, automating routine work and removing data discrepancies. This allows your business to focus on the quality of care for patient, rather than manual entry, updating IT systems and waiting for updates.

Rich integrations and experiences

Specialty applications can be built on top of MediRecords to enhance the product like never before. From integrating into internal applications, to external 3rd parties, innovating your business has never been easier.


For our API Reference documentation & FHIR Implementation Guide, visit our developer sites below.