Problems our APIs help solve

MediRecords offers two types of APIs for healthcare providers: FHIR APIs and Connect APIs. FHIR APIs allow for managing and sharing patient records and clinical data, such as encounters, allergies, conditions, immunisations, prescriptions, and more.

MediRecords Connect suite of proprietary REST APIs enable seamless management and sharing of patient data and other information, such as appointments, correspondence, practitioner sessions, tags, and user information.

Both types of APIs provide comprehensive functionality and support for various tasks and operations.

Integrated Appointment Booking

Problem: Difficulty in coordinating patient appointments across different systems leading to scheduling conflicts and fragmented records.

API solution: Enable patient booking via MediRecords or a third party source system and manage a single appointment record between systems.

Share letters and patient material

Problem: Ineffective and unsafe communication of clinical information between healthcare providers resulting in delays and potential gaps in patient care.

API solution: Securely share material related to a patient’s clinical record correspondence including referrals and medical certificates.

Manage a single patient identifier

Problem: Lack of a unified patient identifier creating difficulties in synchronizing and sharing accurate patient information across systems often resulting in duplicate patient records. 

API solution: Share a unique patient identifier across systems to view and manage a single source of patient information.

Integrated patient record data

Problem: Fragmented patient data across various systems makes it challenging to obtain a complete and consolidated view of extended patient details, impacting the ability to make clinical decisions.

API solution: Integrate patient details including Patient Demographics, Allergies, Relationships, Conditions and Family History to view a single record of your patient between systems.

Closed loop medication ordering

Problem: Inefficient monitoring of medication orders from prescription to dispensing introduces the risk of errors, miscommunication, delays, and disruptions in patient treatment care plans.

API solution: Monitor medication orders from prescription workflow through to dispense notifications including status updates and remaining quantity details.

Integrated case management and shared care

Problem: Insufficient collaboration and communication among healthcare teams during the management of a patient’s care episodes resulting in disjointed and less coordinated healthcare services.

API solution: Integrated episode of care details to manage a series of care events for a patient shared across a care team.

Custom field

Problem: Limited flexibility in capturing and retrieving custom data within healthcare systems restricts the ability to tailor information according to specific practice needs.

API solution: Create custom fields within MediRecords and retrieve this information via APIs to allow bespoke data capture and retrieval.

Custom tagging a patient

Problem: Absence of a customisable grouping and management of patient cohorts limits the ability to provide personalised and targeted healthcare services.

API solution: Create and retrieve details of a custom, self-managed tag within MediRecords for the purpose of grouping, sorting and reporting on cohorts of patients.

Integrated case management and shared care

Share material related to a patient’s clinical record correspondence including referrals and medical certificates.

FHIR Roadmap

MediRecords will be releasing new FHIR integration pathways for clients throughout 2023, as part of our commitment to a better connected Australian healthcare system. 

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