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Patient engagement and patient outcomes can be improved by reducing the amount of effort staff need to invest in administration. This is achieved by removing production line experiences and repetitive tasks. In addition, focusing on improving patient journeys via interoperability will achieve better outcomes from your business and the patient.

  • Exchange patient data with 3rd party systems
  • Import patient records or notes into your database
  • Create surveys and web forms to update patient database
  • Update patient files from remote hardware devices or services


‘Appointments’ offers the biggest opportunity to reduce the cost of operational care. Improving staff experience, reducing stress, and enhancing the patient experience are just some areas to explore. Our open API approach to health care allows deep access to appointments via the API to ensure your service reaches its full potential of care.

  • Medical integration and scheduling with 3rd party booking systems
  • Sync multiple healthcare practitioners’ calendars for better patient flows
  • Build new engagement for patients to update calendars appointments
  • Reporting software integration for recurrence and patient no shows


Connected health starts with communication and information. Understanding patient histories can greatly help speed up diagnoses and treatments. By having a complete and secure picture in real time you can create healthier stories together.

  • Filter and arrange correspondence as required in our own or 3rd party applications
  • Create reporting, actions and follow ups with correspondence
  • Combining webhooks to push correspondence triggers


MediRecords is developing a configuration ‘layer’ in recognition of the need of each customer to configure MediRecords to meet their specific needs. We now support custom fields and tagging on the patient record. Customers can access custom fields and tagging information via API’s for reading and writing data.

  • Use patient custom fields to record additional patient identifiers
  • Create, update and delete tags
  • Tag patient records
  • Search patients by a tag


FHIR is the future standard of health data interoperability. MediRecords has proudly enabled FHIR as a data exchange mechanism to make Patient’s data accessible, usable, and computable across various systems in a secured way.

  • Manage organisations and practitioners
  • Access patient clinical resources and document references

  • Manager diagnostic requests and orders

  • FHIR webhooks available on specific resource profiles

  • FHIR resources supporting patient demographics, family history and observations

  • Case Management and FHIR profiles supporting Episodes of Care and Care Teams


A Webhook, also called a web callback or HTTP push API, are used to trigger an event change deep within MediRecords. Rather than making an API call to check that a change has taken place, MediRecords can send an HTTP push to an endpoint you configure of the change. You can configure subscribed events to different end points. Examples are:

  • A new appointment created in the calendar will trigger a push to third party system
  • Patient results are returned in Correspondence

FHIR Roadmap

MediRecords will be releasing new FHIR integration pathways for clients throughout 2023, as part of our commitment to a better connected Australian healthcare system. 

MediRecords FHIR Roadmap

MediRecords will be releasing new FHIR integration pathways for clients throughout 2023 and 2024, as part of our commitment to a better connected Australian healthcare system.

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